5 Tips Learned from Attending Accounting Technology Conferences

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accounting-technology-conferencesWhat are you planning to do specifically in 2016 to move your bookkeeping business forward toward your goals? May I recommend adding attendance at one or more accounting technology conferences to your action list?

I've personally been traveling to attend live industry conferences for years (yes, even introverts can do this). Why? Because I always see a positive impact on my business, most especially manifesting itself on my bottom line. Yet the vast majority of bookkeeping business owners that I speak to do not attend any industry conferences (technical or otherwise) ever. The most common reason is because of the cost involved; they say they can't “afford” it.

In an effort to possibly open the door to a new perspective, I've created a video mini-training that will give you a good idea of the types of things that happen at conferences that can impact your practice, including just 5 of the takeaways I got from the sessions I attended this past year at several different conferences.

Grab a cup of coffee, and have a look, whether you attend bookkeeping conferences or not. You may find at least one of the 5 tips I share profitable for your own practice too.

Correction to video: The dates for Accountex is November 15-18, 2016

What about you? Did you attend any accounting technology conferences (or any other kind of business conferences) in 2015 and have some great tips to pass along too? Do you plan on going to any of the conferences mentioned in the video in 2016? Leave a comment and let's compare notes or make plans to meet in person.

By the way, if you like how this mini-lesson worked with getting tips and turning it into actions you can use, consider joining us for 2016 in TFB Premium, where we cover a different topic for running a profitable freelance bookkeeping business each month. We focus on taking action to get results, one month at a time. Click here to see if it's right for you.

Tools You Can Use

Resource Sheet – PDF document listing info about the different conferences mentioned in the video, as well as a mini-worksheet to set your conference plans for 2016

Article by Darren Root – covers the same basic message I heard him speak on live at QuickBooks Connect 2015 – highly recommended reading (here's also a short video on the concept as well)


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5 Responses to “5 Tips Learned from Attending Accounting Technology Conferences”

  • Pamela Lewerenz on January 4, 2016

    Good tips Gabby! I look forward to your January thoughts…

  • Cherine Mac Pherson on January 7, 2016

    Hi Gabrielle

    Thanks so much for the video, I was undecided to go to the accountants conference last year in October. In South Africa we only have 2 big conferences Tax and Accounting. I always find them expensive because they are in Johannesburg and I live in Cape Town so it costs to travel etc. But after listening to your video I am saving to attend this year’s one. I am also waiting for the software to charge flat fees. I mean I take 15 minutes to do a VAT Return but I have to pay for membership of all the bodies accounting and tax and pay for cpd’s so I am definitely undercharging. I am going to think like an Entrepreneur now. Thanks.

    • Gabrielle on January 7, 2016

      So glad to hear the new insights the video provided for your Cherine! Yay for planning to attend a conference in 2016!

      Yes, the change in mindset for charging value-based flat fees is a big change for us, and the software is a great way to help make that transition. You’re going to love the webinar I’ll be hosting later this month. Mark your calendar now – it will be on January 26th. I’ll be making the formal announcement soon, so watch for that. I’m super excited about this event too!

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