Bookkeepers and Coaching: TFB Spotlight on Donna Leyens

We’ve all heard that we should be moving toward being seen as a ‘trusted advisor’ to our clients. But how can a bookkeeper make that kind of a change? That’s what I discussed with Donna Leyens of Provendus Group at a recent conference we both attended. Donna is a coach and passionate about the value […] ...

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Can Bookkeepers Change The World?

In a word, YES. But the more important question is, Will we? What we do as bookkeepers can literally be world changing, for ourselves, our clients, and even on the other side of the planet! I’m not being melodramatic. What we have the ability to do, whether we realize it or not, can have a […] ...

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5 Simple Ways to Attract More Clients Before Year End

If you’ve been looking to attract more clients, now is a great time to do it. With the fall upon us, more and more small business owners will be soon waking up to the fact that it’s time to give attention to the financial records they’ve been neglecting all year. We know many of them procrastinate […] ...

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Compliance to Advisory – Making the Switch

Actually becoming a ‘trusted advisor’ is easier said than done. For example, here’s a request that came in from a fellow bookkeeper recently… “I was wondering if you have ever considered doing a topic on how to provide the value data from the financial statements. I struggle with that and would like to be able to […] ...

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Where to Find Your Ideal Clients (6 of 6)

So you have a good idea about who your Ideal Clients are, that is, the type of clients you want most, but how can you find them so you can start networking with them? You may feel like you’re all alone swimming in a vast ocean and don’t know how to find them. That’s a […] ...

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