Dangerous Document Sharing Mistakes – Are You Making Them Too?

Document sharing is something we do constantly as bookkeepers and accountants. We share electronic documents with clients, vendors, our clients’ customers and suppliers, and the list goes on. While document sharing is a typical activity in our world, I have been shocked time and again when seeing what ‘typical procedures’ actually involve for many of us. For […] ...

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5 Ways Attending Accounting Conferences Pays Off

Every year I spend thousands of dollars and lose billable time so I can travel to at least a few conferences. Some of them are huge events. Others are smaller “cozy” gatherings. However, most freelance bookkeepers won’t do this. Heck, most CPAs at multi-partner firms don’t either! So this begs the question, why would I […] ...

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Workflow, Convenience, and the Value of Your Services

Workflow is something most of us want to improve. In fact, it’s a buzzword in our profession right now. Why? Because done right, your workflow means you can get more done, consistently and more profitably. Good workflow makes it easier to scale your business, expand your workload capacity, or even take more time off, if that’s what you’re after. But […] ...

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Bookkeeping Frustration #1 – Getting Client Info

Here’s some good news about something that’s probably driving you crazy. From time to time I like to check in with you, my fellow freelance bookkeepers, to see what your biggest challenges are and what’s working, and what’s not. That’s because even though I’m a freelance virtual bookkeeper myself, one person’s experience certainly doesn’t tell the full story. There […] ...

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Video Article: 3 Questions Every Virtual Bookkeeper Needs to Know

Join us for this week’s free live webinar training…                                         “APP HAPPY” The Simple 6-Step Process to Choose the Right Apps for You Register here: => http://thefreelancebookkeeper.com/app-happy-webinar Yes, there will be a replay available if you can’t make it live, but ONLY for those who register. ...

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