Are You Ready?

Are you a bookkeeping professional (or want to be) who is ready to break free?

Are you ready to work when YOU want to work, on your own schedule?

Are you ready to finally start making more money than you could ever hope to make as someone else's employee?

Then isn't it time to start your own freelance bookkeeping service, OR take your existing bookkeeping business to the next level?

While I can't do that for you, I can offer you a valuable FREE resource to help you along the way.

My new, online newsletter and web log (blog), The Freelance Bookkeeper, is designed to be a no-fluff, cut-to-the-chase source of real life, hands-on information for individuals who are serious about building a freelance bookkeeping practice. 

You see, I've noticed how scarce truly helpful resources to would-be and even seasoned freelance bookkeepers are. In my travels I've only found a few very general books and websites out there, and I had to scour the Internet to find them! At best, what I found was over-priced, generic information that could have been used for most any service business, and much of the informatioin was sadly outdated to boot!

Yet the work bookkeepers do, and all the related services that small businesses absolutely need, are vital to our economy! I think it's pathetic that there is not more real, practical support for our industry easily available. So that's why I have created this website. 

In my own experience running a freelance bookkeeping business, I've come to believe that:

  1. There is a serious shortage of freelance bookkeepers. Capable bookkeepers and related consultants are desperately needed by the vast majority of small and home-based businesses in operation today. This segment is grossly under-served, and it is a HUGE market that would benefit greatly from the services we provide.
  2. The freelance bookkeeping field is bursting with opportunities. There are now incredible financial and flexible lifestyle opportunities for the proactive professional, in part due to the new and inexpensive technologies now available to virtually everyone. There are also a slew of specialties that are in high demand and which garner generous fees.

My mission here is to help you get onto the fast track so you can prosper in your own freelance bookkeeping business AND serve the small business community that needs your unique mix of talents, from basic monthly bookkeeping services to highly specialized consulting expertise. Together we can actually make a positive impact on the financial prosperity of everyone involved!

You see, I've been running my own freelance business for over 17 years now. During that time, I've learned a few things about the different ways to find appreciative, prompt-paying clients. I've learned about the different types of specialties one can develop with an independent bookkeeping service, as well as the leaps new technology has taken that has cracked this field wide open.

I want to get you on the road to reaching your goals more quickly. And unlike many in our field, I am not afraid to share openly what works, and help you avoid wasting your time and effort on what doesn't. 

I truly believe that by helping one another, we will all prosper far more than we would by bumping around alone using the outdated trial-and-error methods that are so common….and counter-productive. The plain truth is, there just aren't enough independent bookkeepers, and there is more than enough business to go around! We are stronger and will do more good by sharing our successes and working together.

Of course, I don't claim to know it all. I'm still learning too! So while I'm happy to share with you what I've learned so far, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as what I'm learning right now in my own business adventures, I'd like to hear from you too.

This has been designed to be an interactive blog, so you can comment on any of the information I provide. Join in, comment and participate. Go ahead and share any tips or helpful information you've discovered too. Remember, creating a dialogue among like-minded people creates synergy. And that's the stuff great strategic alliances are made of!

So if you're up for this challenge of building a truly prosperous freelance bookkeeping business from the ground up, stay tuned. I will be posting information-packed articles, nuts-and-bolts tips specific to the bookkeeping industry, must-have resources, and free live training sessions for everyone who joins The Freelance Bookkeeper notification list.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to enter your contact information below and don't miss out on even one bit of business boosting tips and cutting edge information I will be supplying on a regular basis to the subscribers of this newsletter. Don't get left behind!

I look forward to hearing about your success!

Gabrielle Fontaine, PB    



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