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Bookkeepers and Coaching: TFB Spotlight on Donna Leyens

We’ve all heard that we should be moving toward being seen as a ‘trusted advisor’ to our clients. But how can a bookkeeper make that kind of a change? That’s what I discussed with Donna Leyens of Provendus Group at a recent conference we both attended. Donna is a coach and passionate about the value […] ...

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Secrets to Getting New Clients: TFB Spotlight on Martin Bissett

How to find new clients is always a hot topic among bookkeepers. In this latest TFB Spotlight interview, we get a glimpse into what it takes for us to win new clients from the other side of the table. You’ll hear the true secrets to what clients really want most (and really need) from us […] ...

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Freelance Bookkeeper Spotlight on Derrick Storey

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an interview with a fellow freelance bookkeeper for the TFB Spotlight – long overdue, in fact! These interviews are where you’ll hear from grassroots freelance bookkeepers who are in the trenches building their businesses from the ground up.¬†This interview is about 50 minutes in length, so it’s a great […] ...

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She Did It–You Can Too!

When I was a kid first learning how to ski downhill, I actually read a book about it. (Yes, I know. I’m a geek. But I didn’t want to break any bones, since I knew that skiing could be risky.) I checked out the skiing equipment, talked to a few friends who already knew how […] ...

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