The BEST Way I’ve Found to Attract More Clients and Beat Your Competition

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Have you ever thought about what a little bit of fame could do for your business?

If you were considered a top, highly respected bookkeeper in your community, what kind of clients could you attract?

Best-selling business authors are assumed to be the best in their field, usually because they've written articles and/or published a book. That's the catalyst that helps them get invited to appear on TV spots or radio talk shows. And you can be sure that that kind of attention works wonders for their business.

SECRET REVEALED: Business authors don't write books to make money from the book sales, but to make sales in their business because of the authority and notoriety the books give them!

But when we think about it, what great feat have they accomplished?

Nothing too difficult, really. They've provided some helpful information related to their field of expertise…and made it easily accessible to the public. That's it!

Guess what?

You can easily (and quickly) do nearly the same thing and start positioning yourself as the go-to bookkeeper in your community too! That's what will help you attract high-quality clients to your business like a magnet (and they won't complain about your rates, either!)

Why So Few Do It

Q: If it's so easy, why don't more small business owners do it?

A: Because writing a book can be a huge, time-consuming project…when done the hard way, which is how most people do it. It can take a long, LONG time. Most entrepreneurs cannot afford the time. And once it's written, they don't know how to get their book published.

But what's slowing them down is actually VERY good news for you!

With the Internet and online technology, it is quite easy (and MUCH faster than traditional methods) to publish information, whether in writing, as audios, or with videos (or all three!).  You can even SELL your information to create another income stream for your business!

This is exactly what I've done in my own virtual bookkeeping business, and it has attracted FAR more high quality clients to me than I can possibly serve myself. I regularly refer incoming client inquiries to colleagues because I am truly booked solid. (And my colleagues always ask how I'm able to keep pulling in so much business!)

How did I get my business to this point?

By simply providing helpful, instructional information online surrounding my expertise as a QuickBooks trainer and consultant. I'm just sharing my knowledge by publishing what are known as info-products.

And here's the secret – as a professional freelance bookkeeper, you can DEFINITELY do this too. One way is by offering a free or low-priced, special report from your company website.

That's actually how I got started.

And the best part is, once you do it, it's like having a little salesperson working for your business 24/7! Online technology automates the whole thing.

And I've got to tell you, it sure is a nice little bonus to open your email in the morning and find out that you've made sales (and found new customers and prospects) overnight while you were sleeping.

Will Info-Products Work For YOU?

Creating small, but effective info-products works for ALL kinds of businesses, but it's especially powerful for service-based businesses.

Because so few people are doing this effectively, creating small but valuable educational products positions you as the obvious expert and the person your prospects will trust and want to do business with when they need your services. In effect, you won't have any competition!

As you become more known and in demand, you can also easily raise your rates.

If you can see how powerful it would be to position yourself as THE bookkeeper to go to by simply providing useful information geared toward your best customers' needs, then I highly recommend you seriously consider publishing simple information products as lead generators for your freelance bookkeeping business.

It's really quite easy to do.

And remember, you can even sell the information to create an additional revenue stream. Few ways of marketing your business is sweeter than that!

But I bet you're wondering, “Where do I begin?”

I'm glad you asked!

This coming Thursday, February 10th at 7:00 PM (Eastern Time) there's a FREE online webinar that shows you how to create your first info-product fast AND avoid making BIG mistakes that can backfire on you and actually KILL your reputation.

Even though I've been doing this successfully in my business for years now, I'll definitely be attending this online event myself. The guy teaching it is (in my opinion) the absolute BEST!

I always pick up time-saving tips every time I attend one of his events.

If you'd like to attend too (remember, it's 100% FREE), you can get all the details here:

=> Click Here for the Webinar Details


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