Value Pricing for Bookkeepers

value-pricingValue pricing is a hot topic and has been for a few years at the most popular bookkeeping and accounting conferences, in trade journals, and definitely online. But what does it really mean? Personally, I found the concepts hard to wrap my head around and literally immersed myself in the study of value pricing. I wanted to really understand how we as freelance bookkeepers can apply it to our practices.

There are several different angles on the topic. And truth be told, value is a very subjective thing. That's why it's so hard for us who live in the rule-oriented compliance world to quantify it when it comes to bookkeeping services and setting our fees. However, this past fall, I attended a session at QuickBooks Connect that blew me away. The speaker was an accountant from the UK who has developed a true formula for applying the principles of value pricing to our line of work. And it is EASY to understand and use!

In fact, I was so excited when I saw what he has done, that I asked him if he would do a webinar with me so that freelance bookkeepers who follow my blog could benefit from what he's doing. I'm very pleased to report that he has graciously accepted my invitation.

Mark Your Calendar!

Coming up next Tuesday, January 26, I'll be hosting a full-length online class as a LIVE, interactive webinar with my very special guest, Mark Wickersham entitled…

“Value Pricing for Bookkeepers”

The 7-Step Formula to a Highly Profitable Bookkeeping Practice

Register for the LIVE event here (it's free):

DATE: Tuesday, January 26, 2016

TIME: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Eastern Time (New York)
(Use the World Clock Converter for your time zone, if needed)

This is the same training that hundreds of front-line ProAdvisors PAID to attend last fall at the QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose, California. In fact, here's a shot of Mark on the main stage with Joe Woodard and Ron Baker at QuickBooks Connect 2015

value pricing at QB Connect

NOTE: This webinar has nothing to do with whether you support QuickBooks, Xero or any other accounting software. If you provide bookkeeping services, this will work for you!

On the webinar you'll learn the Why, What and How of using value pricing so you can stop working so hard (and losing money) by charging an hourly rate. Mark reveals the shocking truth about what's going on in our industry (and why he thinks charging a single fixed fee can be almost as bad as hourly!)

Mark shows in real world terms how we can use value pricing to raise our fees and have client love it! You'll see how to use value pricing with both new and existing clients (with actual case studies from bookkeepers who are using his methods charging for services that you might be giving away for free!)

To get the most out of this game-changing class, block out the time now to join us live on the webinar, since we will be answering audience questions to make this as valuable as possible (something the paying attendees at QuickBooks Connect did NOT get!)

Plan now to join us and soak up all the value from this brand NEW event, specifically for bookkeepers.

Register NOW for the free LIVE event here

Even though it's busy season, I guarantee this webinar is worth attending live. You'll walk away with the knowledge, and the tools that will give you a true
unfair profit advantage over your competitors who staunchly stick to pricing bookkeeping by the hour. You'll get exactly what you need to apply what we cover together to your own bookkeeping business immediately! (Not kidding. This is a big deal.)

Seriously, the only other time Mark has spoken on this topic in the USA was from the stage at QuickBooks Connect! This is a cutting-edge class you don't want to miss!

I guess you can tell I'm excited about this, huh? 😉

I'm interested to hear, by the way, are you using value pricing in your practice yet? (please comment below)


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2 Responses to “Value Pricing for Bookkeepers”

  • Mark on January 20, 2016

    Value Based Pricing results in the highest possible price that you can charge, and so maximizes profits. Despite the high prices charged, you can achieve extremely high customer loyalty for repeat business and referrals, but only if the service or product provided justifies the high price. This advantage tends to also derive from the nature of the sales relationship, which needs to be both close and trusting before value based pricing can even be contemplated.

    • Gabrielle on January 20, 2016

      Thanks for that comment, Mark. Has that been your first-hand experience? I definitely agree that to use this method, one must take the time to invest in the client relationship up front.

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