Your Bookkeeping Checklist for Year End

It's the 4th Quarter and busy season is upon us. Do you have a plan to grow your practice by taking on new clients, while still helping your existing clients wrap up their books for the year? Do have what you need to get the 1099s and W-2s done on time, and oh, yes… keep your sanity in the process? Wouldn't a bookkeeping checklist that helps you accomplish that make life easier?

That's a tall order, to be sure. But it is achievable!

This video article walks you through what you need to start taking action now to smoothly sail through the end of this year and emerge into the New Year with a stronger, more profitable bookkeeping business without all the typical year-end stress.

You can get the PDF for the Year-End Bookkeeping Checklist and get a jump start on the busy season right now! Click the button below to get a free copy of “Your Bookkeeping Checklist for Year-End Sanity” kindly provided to us by SmartVault

What's on Your Checklist?

Do you have recommendations for other key tasks that you think should be included on the year-end bookkeeping checklist? How do you typically navigate the madness we face as bookkeepers during year end? Please comment below.

Freelance bookkeeper, trainer and consultant who works with internet savvy business owners and bookkeeping professionals to maximize cash flow and build true win-win relationships.

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4 Responses to “Your Bookkeeping Checklist for Year End”

  • Sandy Shiv on October 7, 2017

    Hi Gabrielle.

    I am currently using yp for marketing just started in sep and yet hv to see results.
    Unless we are too good in marketing it’s difficult to generate leads. I think this topic has to be covered in detail.

  • Gabrielle on October 7, 2017

    Hi Sandy – Thanks for sharing your experience, though it is not really part of this topic directly. But as one who is just starting out, it may seem hard to believe how busy established bookkeepers are this time of year.

    Thanks for the reminder about posting articles about effective marketing. I will include that in a future post. In the meantime, you should know that yellow pages ads are ineffective. The most powerful marketing is the type that builds relationships with small business owners where you can demonstrate your value to their business. In fact, I have a training program that shows how this works for bookkeepers. The Freelance Bookkeeper Marketing System. You can also read through past articles on this blog for some marketing ideas. Just use the search function.

  • Beth on October 15, 2017

    Hi Gabrielle,
    When I click the link to get the checklist, this error appears:
    Error 404 – Not Found

    • Gabrielle on October 15, 2017

      Thanks for letting me know, Beth!

      There was a temporary glitch, but it has been fixed now. 🙂

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