A Key to Growing Your Bookkeeping Business

So you've been working on growing your bookkeeping business?

I've got both good news and bad news for you.

Bad News First

I'm hearing from more and more bookkeepers who are getting really frustrated with the changes that are being thrust upon us as a profession.

  • Key apps are being acquired, aren't working anymore, disappearing, or are becoming over-developed or overpriced (or both!)
  • Clients seem to be getting more demanding, yet think our service fees should be “cheaper” with expanded scope and faster response time.
  • Competition is growing from big accounting firms and software vendors alike. It seems everyone wants to offer low-cost bookkeeping services and squeeze us right out of the picture!

Have you been feeling the pinch from these changes happening around us yet?

Yeah, I'm not just hearing this from colleagues, but seeing some of these effects in my own bookkeeping practice too.

But I don't really see these changes as all bad, and they don't have to get in the way of growing your bookkeeping business either.

I am concerned, though, that some solo bookkeepers and small bookkeeping practices are going to find themselves left behind and irrelevant in a few short years. That said, there are some fantastic opportunities emerging for us too.

In fact, some astute bookkeepers are already seizing these opportunities and are not only getting premium fees for their services, but they literally can't keep up with the demand for the clients who are lining up to hire them!

But how do you find those opportunities and what can you do to make the shifts needed to start thriving in this fast-changing bookkeeping world?

Enter the Good News

I've been in business for a LONG time (um, dare I tell you this – I started my first business back in 1990! Yeah, I'm THAT old!).

Over the years I learned one “secret” that has consistently opened major doors for me to see the road ahead, upgrade my skills, and learn from those who are creating amazing success….and have some of that success rub off on me in the process.

The secret?

I attend professional conferences.*

This year, there's one conference that I am super excited about because it is the FIRST of its kind. It's a professional conference designed exclusively for bookkeepers! Most of the other conferences I attend, us bookkeepers usually have to adjust to whatever accountants want. We're kind of the tag-along kids.

Not so for this brand new event!

It's called BKX and many of the speakers are bookkeeping firm owners who are here in the
trenches with us. There are also some key thought leaders who have specific business topics that we need to really prosper (the parts that most of us are not paying attention to, but need to in these changing times so we don't get left behind).

This conference is designed to catapult your bookkeeping business success!

While the doors just opened up to the public a couple weeks ago, it's already half sold out! (There's a limit of only 350 delegates) and members of the new Digital Bookkeepers Association got to sign up first. (You'll hear more about that at the conference)

I will definitely be there (I'm honored to be one of the speakers), and I bet you'll recognize
some of the other names on the speaker list too. But before you check out the details…

I have even more good news!

I know that taking that first leap to make the investment needed to come to an event like
this can be really scary. So I had a discussion with the organizer and talked him into giving YOU a discount of 30% off the published rate. (And just in case you're wondering, no, I don't get paid anything if you sign up for the conference).

I just want you to see for yourself what a HUGE difference it makes to….

  • Make connections with colleagues who have solved the issues that you might be stuck on
  • Ignite fresh ideas, best practices and get some hands-on training on exactly what will grow your business faster and more effectively
  • Network with influential people in our profession (and beyond) who can lift you up and
    give you a fresh perspective (and strategies) on hitting your goals while building in balance.
  • And so much more.

If all this sounds like something you really want….

Here's what to do next:

1. Go to the official BKX Conference Website to get the details

2. When you register use the Discount Code: Gabrielle30 (case sensitive) to get 30% off your ticket

IMPORTANT: This discount is only good through March 31st. So don't take too long to think about it, or it will cost you 30% more to join us.

I truly hope to see you there since I know that this event will be like no other, and with it being a relatively small event, it's the perfect way to get high value without the mega-conference overwhelm.

* In the current environment of Covid-19, it is too early to know if it will affect the BKX conference or not. So I'm planning to attend as of the writing of this post. Many events are being rescheduled or will go online. That may happen with this event as well (I have no “inside knowledge” of that, I'm just looking at this from a wide view along with other conferences I'm attending this year)

So what am I doing about it? I'm planning to attend unless I hear otherwise. While the virus is a concern, it will pass in time and we need to continue forward with our businesses as reasonably possible. So I DO recommend planning to attend in whatever form this event takes. I know I will! 

Do you attend conferences that are can't-miss events as a way to find success while growing your bookkeeping business? Do tell!

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