Help for Working Virtually and Growing Your Practice in Uncertain Times

If you’ve been running your practice virtually for some time, keeping your business running on an online-only basis is not as stressful as if you’ve not quite gotten there yet.

Sudden change, however, is always stressful.

In uncertain times some businesses who have what is needed most in such circumstances start to gouge prices due to the high demand. They’re looking to cash in on short-term gain without considering the long-term fallout. That’s not a win-win solution.

By contrast, there are others who are stepping up to find ways to do what works for all concerned because they care and realize we are all connected. An example this week is how Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers, making their surge in demand benefit those who are losing work (and taking the pressure off their employers who may not have the resources to continue paying them while operations are paused).

Help for Bookkeepers and Accountants

One of my strategic partners is stepping up to support our profession to make working with our clients on a virtual basis faster and easier, no matter what level of remote services you offer now (or need to).

The good people at SmartVault told me today that they want to respond to customer needs during this difficult time. After speaking with many of their customers now facing uncertainty with their businesses (and their clients’ businesses), they’ve come up with some things that may help, especially to quickly transition to working virtually with clients and team members, as well as to support existing SmartVault users.

First – a discount. the discount that’s typically reserved for annual plans to include monthly plans is being extended through July 31, 2020 (for new accounts opened by April 30).

Second – training. SmartVault is waiving all onboarding & training fees through April to help get users up and running quickly.

Third – digital signature integration.  For those of us who need to now use electronic signature capabilities, most SmartVault plans already come with a free DocuSign account. SmartVault will give you 100 free envelopes to help you get started. By the way, that saves you $200 and is far better than having a subscription account directly with DocuSign because the envelopes never expire and there’s no monthly subscription fee for this function!

Free Class – If adding automation and electronic signature capability to your onboarding is something you’ve been meaning to do (or must do going forward), I just taught a webinar class last week for SmartVault on how to use this feature with a mapped out workflow and demo.

You can get free access to that class here

Finally, for existing SmartVault customers, you get extended access to the seasonal licenses (if you’re using them) through July 31, 2020 (typically access ends April 30). And you can also take advantage of the same offer for 100 free DocuSign envelopes, you just need to ask for them.

How to Take Advantage of These Special Benefits

If any of this would be helpful to you, here’s how to take advantage of it:

1. Schedule a free one-on-one consultation where they will give you a demo and answer any questions you have for helping you use this to work virtually with your clients and team.

2. If you decide SmartVault is a good fit for your needs, just ask the account manager for any or all of the benefits mentioned above, and they’ll take care of you.

And just in case you’re wondering, I am not an affiliate on this special offer, so I don’t get paid to tell you about this. SmartVault is offering this to make it easier for us to work virtually and get set up quickly. They play win-win, and that is why I work so closely with them!

My recommendation is to take advantage of setting up a secure online portal to use with your clients and team, including electronic signature capabilities, if you aren’t already doing this. I personally use the SmartVault system with DocuSign because it works well and is secure. These special bonuses make it easy to move in the direction, and saves you some of the costs.

Clients need our help during these troubled times, and having online tools like SmartVault take some stress off of getting it all done… and your operations will benefit long after Covid-19 settles down.

What have you been doing to navigate the changes we’re facing now? What challenges are you working on and want help with? Please comment below.

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  1. Michael Cook says:

    A good application (SmartVault) have gotten even better for those of us still on the side lines. Thank you for negotiating these discounts for us. I’m booking a demo/sign-up session for right after the tax season rush. Thank you, Gabrielle.

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