The Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Business Journey

I often am surprised to hear of how many freelance bookkeepers still go to their clients' offices to do the bookkeeping. It's somewhat common for a bookkeeping business to do this, even in this mobile society in which we now find ourselves.

I think that's reason for concern.

Do you have clients you serve on site, but want to switch them to a virtual or remote method of service? Have you been trying to figure out just how to do that?

That's what this video article is all about. In less than 10 minutes you'll see the three primary ways you can work with clients from your own office, or even on the go. We'll also cover a tip for how you can add some premium level services to your bookkeeping business offering for those clients who may be resisting technological advances altogether. (Yeah, we all have at least a few of those.)

The challenges surrounding working virtually are shifting and I believe we're going to see that accelerate significantly in the coming year. So if you're not already leveraging technology in your freelance bookkeeping business, right now is the perfect time to get up to speed and make your plans to prosper instead of falling too far behind.

I do believe big changes in our profession are literally around the corner.

So what about you? What upgrades to your ways of working with clients in your bookkeeping business do you have planned for the New Year?

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About Gabrielle

Freelance bookkeeper, trainer and consultant who works with internet savvy business owners and bookkeeping professionals to maximize cash flow and support true win-win business success.
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4 Responses to The Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Business Journey

  1. Paul says:

    Hello Gabrielle ,
    Thanks for all the work you are doing for us to improve in our businesses.

    I have one big challenge where am seeking your advise.
    What is the easiest way to get global virtual bookkeeping clients for my business?

    Kind Regards,
    Paul Kiiza.

    • Gabrielle says:

      Hi Paul – Thanks for your kind words and question.

      Generally, I recommend that you seek clients within your own country. While it is possible to serve clients from anywhere (I continued to serve my bookkeeping clients while traveling overseas several times in the past couple years), for practical marketing and compliance services it is difficult to find and serve clients in a country where winning their trust may be a factor, as well as being familiar with the local governmental requirements are in other countries – such as sales tax / VAT / GST, which you would be responsible for guiding your client on. Therefore, my recommendation is to market to potential clients within your own country (where your expertise will shine) and do it building relationships. Trust is key for everything we do.

  2. Darlene Kraft says:

    Hi Gabrielle,

    Thank you for the information you provide.

    It’s been my experience with several of my clients that they are very resistant to using Quickbooks Online. Many of them just don’t like it and are very attached to using and keeping their Desktop version. Due to this fact, I end up using a remote connection to log into their QB’s file to do their bookkeeping work.

    How would you suggest obtaining exclusive Quickbooks Online customers?

    Thank you.
    Darlene Kraft

    • Gabrielle says:

      Hi Darlene – Thanks for sharing your experiences so far. Yes, there are clients who will cling to the older technology. If you’ve ever seen the technology adoption curve of how quickly the population embraces new tech, you know that different people accept it at different rates. We are now at a point where the majority are moving to the cloud, but there are those who are still not “ready.” The good news is that the software developers realize this and we do have tools to help. For your QuickBooks desktop clients, you might want to look into using Qbox by Coral Tree as an improvement to remoting into your your clients’ computers. More convenient for both of you and it’s reasonably priced.

      The simple answer to attracting clients who are not cloud-averse and would either be open to switching to QBO (or other cloud-based software you support) is in your marketing message. If you promote the benefits of working virtually and that that is “how you do things” with your clients, then those who want that will be attracted to your message. Hope that helps. 🙂

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