Free Coaching Session Agreement

Free Coaching Session Agreement


  • Yes, I Want to take advantage of a free 1-on-1 private coaching session!

Here's what I'm doing:

I'm applying to speak with Gabrielle Fontaine, and possibly become a coaching client.

In so doing, I'm providing a good faith deposit of $100, which I understand is 100% refundable.

This is what I know will happen next…

  • I will be able to request my appointment for the free 45-90 minute private coaching session, based on availability, directly on Gabrielle's calendar and will receive confirmation of my approved appointment date and time via email with call instructions.
  • Gabrielle will personally help me create a plan for reaching my bookkeeping business goals. I understand that all information submitted in my Coaching Session Questionnaire and during our private discussion remain confidential.
  • I may or may not become a private coaching client, and there will be no pressure on me to do so.
  • If Gabrielle and I decide we're not a good “fit” and I do not become a client, my $100 deposit will be refunded within 24 hours of our decision. 
  • If we do decide that we are a good fit, I will become a private coaching client. I understand that the private coaching fee is $500-$700 per month depending on the package I choose, and that my deposit will be applied toward my first month's invoice.
  • I realize that Gabrielle Fontaine's private coaching clients generally make more income from working with her to execute their action plan than they pay her, so my ultimate coaching “cost” is essentially zero.
  • I realize these free coaching sessions are provided by application only, and accepted appointments are granted on a first come, first served basis. If when I apply for a free coaching session the coaching program is full, my deposit will be refunded and I will be advised as to whether a waiting list is available. 

Click The Red Button to Submit Your Deposit If You Understand and Agree to the Above Terms and Want to Take Advantage of this RARE Opportunity to Work Privately with Gabrielle on YOUR BUSINESS!