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How to get bookkeeping clients in 30 days or less using a proven, customized marketing system… without wasting a ton of time or spending a small fortune on advertising!

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“Within one week I received two new clients”

“I took your advice… Within one week I received two new clients. Thank you…I didn't realize there were free [promotion sources] like that out there. Honestly, I now have more than enough clients.”

Catherine Huerta

Compliance Bookkeeping

This is a “learn it fast and get it done” program!

The core mindset, guiding principles, strategy, tactics and even implementation tools are included with the training program. By the end of this 2-hour, info-packed class, you'll be ready to put together your own customized marketing system that will create an endless stream of clients by taking simple actions each week. 

Additionally, if you want personal guidance to streamline your results with what you learn AND the accountability and support that comes from working with a mentor one-on-one, then that option is available to you as soon as you finish the training. 




Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I'm just getting started with my freelance bookkeeping business. Will this work for me?

A:  Yes! You'll be in the perfect position to start your marketing off right, so you can get your first few clients as quickly as possible. You'll also lay a solid foundation to build a great reputation that will attract new clients more and more over time.

Q:  I've been an independent bookkeeper for years. Will this work for me?

A:  Yes! You'll be in the perfect position to expand your reach quickly and zero in on your best type of clients to grow your business quickly and deliberately. In fact, you may find that once your system is in place, your marketing momentum will bring you more clients than you can possibly handle right now, so you can grow as fast or as slowly as you like!

Q:  I consider myself shy and feel uncomfortable “selling” my services. Will this work for me? 

A:  Yes! I personally hate “in your face” style promotion methods too. The good news for us is, that type of marketing is becoming less and less effective. The Freelance Bookkeeper Marketing system is based on building genuine relationships where everyone is happy with the results – both you and your potential clients. It is an attraction type system, as opposed to pushy, obnoxious selling. You'll definitely find some of the ways to attract clients will work for you, even if you're shy, since all that is required is a win-win attitude to make it work.

Q:  I want more clients, but I'm too busy to market my bookkeeping services. Will this work for me? 

A:  Maybe not. While what we cover will show you how to set up a highly effective marketing system that works for even busy solo freelance bookkeepers, it will require your participation and a modest amount of your attention. This is not the same as running annual ads or setting up a fully automated “set it and forget it” system. Those do exist, but quite frankly, they can be costly and not very effective. If that is what you want, this training is probably not the right fit for you.

Q:  I hate dealing with people and prefer to just pay for advertising. Will this work for me? 

A:  Probably not. The most effective marketing is based on building genuine relationships and win-win situations. Both of those require you to have at least some interaction with people. While we do cover some information about online advertising in this training, it is a relatively small portion and designed to support the more powerful people-focused methods. Therefore, this may not be the best training for your objectives.

Q:  I'm looking to take on more clients, but am on a shoestring budget. Will this work for me?

A:  Yes! We focus on low- to no-cost, highly effective methods of marketing your services. If you are willing to devote a modest amount of time and focus consistently, and genuinely want to assist your clients in their business success using your bookkeeping skills, you will find this system for marketing a great fit for your grassroots marketing efforts. The Do-It-Yourself Training Class is all you need.

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Over 100 freelance bookkeepers (and accountants) have taken this training! Here's what just a few of them had to say…

Having something scheduled helped me to get started with my marketing plan

“It's definitely worth more than the small fee charged. It helps with focusing on marketing. Having something scheduled helped me to get started with my marketing plan”

-Kathy Orr

There are a lot of ideas here…

“My biggest takeaway was finding out how to contact potential clients when you don't know who they might be. Even if you have a marketing plan, there are a lot of ideas here that might improve your plan.”

-Beverly Ellis

It reinforced the need to have a prominent online presence

“It reinforced the need to have a prominent online presence and be as cyber-visible as you can possibly be. Don't think that actively marketing your business is only an option when time allows.”

-George Stefanovich

Practical advice ANYONE can put into use

“Practical advice that ANYONE can put into use. It's not just stuff that sounds good.”

-Karen Howell

Thank you so much!

“I found this webinar to be very informative! I can put the information to work right away to increase my business. Thank you so much!”

-Jackie Butler

Relevant and a lot was packed into this session

“The information was relevant and a lot was packed into this session…I enjoyed it and would like to thank you for your time and the value you provided.”  

-Oluseyi Omitoogun

Exceptionally interesting

“I found all the info on working over the internet exceptionally interesting, as I had no clue about that”

-Velma Hickey

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