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The Freelance Bookkeeper
Packaging & Pricing

How to Package & Price Your
Virtual Bookkeeping Services

“This is an idea that I've had…without any real directions about how to make changes from hourly to packages. I truly appreciate the concise presentation that helped clarify the jumbled ideas in my mind. I’m way further ahead with just this one training!”

– Janet McCarty – Freelance Bookkeeper

The fact is, nearly all freelance bookkeepers charge for their services by the hour. It's the easiest way for us to set our fees, but it's also a big reason why so many of us struggle… usually for YEARS!

You see, when you charge by the hour, you make MORE money if you are inexperienced and slow! When you are efficient and can get your clients' work done quickly, you actually make LESS money because you're exchanging time for money, instead of getting paid fairly for the value you provide your clients.

But that's not all. It actually gets worse.

When you only charge by the hour for your services, clients have no idea how long it will take for you to get their books done, it's like they have to write you a blank check…and that can make them very hesitant to hire you. They simply can't budget for what they need to pay… and usually, you don't know how much you'll be making either!

Those are just some of the reasons why charging by the hour is often a lose-lose situation.

It's easy to see why charging flat rates, using packaged services and implementing value pricing have become extremely popular topics of conversation among bookkeepers, accountants and QuickBooks ProAdvisors! But still, on a practical level, most of us are still stuck charging by the hour because it just feels safer.

But that is about to change! 

In this brand new, self-paced online training we unravel not only how the hourly model is flawed for the work we do, but HOW to design the best pricing strategy for your bookkeeping business. We examine your options and you get the principles, steps and even tools to safely set your prices and build true win-win package that your clients will find nearly irresistible.

The recorded video class now available for anytime viewing along with the Q&A webinar replay, so you can get everything you need to put what we cover together to work for you in your bookkeeping practice quickly.

Here's just a sample of what we cover together…

  • The 3 critical mindset shifts that will help you avoid flat rate pitfalls and make it A LOT easier to feel confident in switching to packaged pricing

  • The BIG mistakes almost every bookkeeper who has ever tried flat rate fees makes, and why they failed

  • What “Value Pricing” is REALLY about, what to avoid, and how you can use it to make more and win your client's trust at the same time!
  • No-fluff, real world steps for putting together YOUR service packages that will attract your best clients to your most profitable services

  • Live examples of bookkeepers (and accountants) who are using packaged services effectively so you can model their success

  • FREE BONUS tool that helps you calculate your fees for both packages and one-time projects so you never have to worry if you're charging enough again

  • ... and much, MUCH More!

You'll walk away from this actionable online training session with the techniques you need to know WHEN to charge a flat fee, how to get paid what you deserve, and set up profitable service packages that will attract the right kind of clients.

Exclusive Bonus Session #1

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Packaging Your Services
So You Can Put Profit First

With Special Guest, Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First

Mike-headshot-leadpagesBONUS training and Q&A session!

We discuss how packaging your services with flat fees actually positions you to run a high-profit bookkeeping business.

Together we reveal…

  • How using a Monthly Recurring Revenue model not only increases your income, but benefits your clients…
  • What combination of service delivery methods clients can't resist and how to position what you do in a way that will have new clients asking, “When can we start?”…
  • Which service you should offer first to potential clients that will immediately grab their attention and set you apart from 99% of your competition (and get existing clients sending you more referrals more often) — this can build your practice quickly with high-quality clients…
  • Plus we answer a slew of questions from the live webinar audience on how to put it all together!

Join us for this exclusive supplemental training, only available to TFB Premium: Packaging & Pricing students!


Exclusive Bonus Session #2

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Value Pricing for Bookkeepers

With Special Guest, Mark Wickersham

BONUS training and Q&A session!

We discuss how bookkeepers can stop losing money charging by the hour, and instead, how to ethically use value pricing for a win-win pricing strategy.

Together we reveal…

  • How the way you price your bookkeeping services affects not only your profits, but also your relationship with your clients…
  • Case studies that demonstrate how you can easily charge handsome fees for services that you are probably giving away for free…
  • The exact words to use that helps potential clients immediately see the value of what you do and understand that your higher rates represent higher value to their business
  • Mark's 7-Step Formula to go from where you are to a highly profitable bookkeeping practice

Join us for this exclusive supplemental training, only available to TFB Premium: Packaging & Pricing students!

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If you're ready to upgrade your bookkeeping service pricing, join us for this special online class designed for freelance bookkeepers and start charging what you deserve while making it easier for your clients to pay you!  

“The Freelance Bookkeeper
Packaging & Pricing”
Online Training


In this info-packed self-paced video training you get the know-how, examples and the tools you need to set up your own bookkeeping service packages and start getting paid what you deserve! You also get my personal assistance to breaking through any roadblocks that might come up along the way.

All for only $47 

  • Instant access to the online training video
  • Q&A Webinar Replay
  • Downloadable videos for anytime, anywhere mobile viewing
  • MP3 Audio download for anytime, anywhere listening
  • BONUS Templates, Worksheets, Outline Notes, Resources, Samples and handy Client Fee Calculator tool!
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS Session: Packaging Your Services So You Can Put Profit First with business author Mike Michalowicz
  • NEW EXCLUSIVE BONUS Replay: Value Pricing for Bookkeepers with value pricing expert Mark Wickersham

only $47 

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